Outkast’s Big Boi is giving his 16 year old daughter one heck of a sweet 16 birthday present.

Rather than provide her with a car or other item that will depreciate in value, Big Boi said he wanted to give his daughter Jordan something that she could ‘build and nurture’. That is exactly what he did when he handed her half of a new record label being launched this month.

The new label, Purple Ribbon Kidz, is being geared towards finding and promoting those kids that have rare and special talent. Big Boi says that he knew Jordan was ready for the job when she approached him to share a child artist she had discovered on YouTube named Gabbie Rae. He equated Gabbie Rae with a rare diamond and said Jordan’s ability to spot her proved she was ready for the role.

Gabbie Rae is a 12 year singing sensation that has already appeared on the Tyra Banks show. After years of performing and winning awards, she was discovered by Ian Burke and Stone Stafford from Atlanta. Her first single and video ‘Neverland’ was released and has gained popularity across the internet. In recent weeks she has been hard at work on her second single and video.

Jordan and Big Boi are going with their instinct and have announced that Gabbie Rae is the first artist to be signed by Purple Ribbon Kidz.

On Saturday May 21 in a celebration completely hosted by kids, Purple Ribbon Kidz will celebrate its official launch.