Big Brother Recap Ep 9 & 10 – Eviction Night + New MVP Twist

Big Brother Recap Ep 9 & 10 – Eviction Night + New MVP Twist

Following the power shift in the Big Brother house last week, the house guests have been working on a strategy to eliminate the bullies in the house.

Aaryn Gries has been a target since her rein of terror in week 2, but Helen and Elissa know that they have bigger fish to fry.

Jeremy is a huge physical threat and they know it won’t be easy to get him out because he got off the block once before by winning the power of veto in last week’s  competition.

This is the third MVP win for Elissa Slater and she nominates Spencer, who will join Aaryn and Kaitlin as nominees of the week. The house guests  are hoping that Jeremy doesn’t get to play in the veto competition so that they can backdoor him.

In a twist of fate, Kaitlin wins the veto and she has the option to save herself or keep her boyfriend safe. The house guests promise to keep her safe next week, so she takes herself off the block, leaving Jeremy to be nominated as the replacement.

Usually, the nominated house guest tries to gather sympathy votes from the other house guest in order to keep them safe, but the house is not ready to budge, so they vote Jeremy out on eviction night. Following Jeremy’s exit, the house guests compete in the Head of Household competition. Judd, another fan favorite, wins.

After the Head of Household competition, Julie Chen announced a new MVP twist  to the audience. This time, America gets to be the MVP and will decide the third nominee for elimination. I think this was production’s way to make sure that Aaryn goes home the following week. We’ll have to see how it pans out.

How amusing would it be if people don’t realize the new rules of the MVP twist and nominate Elissa by mistake?  I could see this twist going sour for Elissa because the house guests don’t know about the new rules. They will think she got MVP again and is now refusing to tell them the truth.

Judd has been more of a silent player in the Big Brother house, so we’ll have to wait and see if he makes any big moves during his rein as HOH.

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday to find out who the have nots of the week are and also who will be America’s vote for MVP nominee.

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