Big Brother Ep 23 – Nominations, Spoilers + Aaryn disses America!

Last week, 25 year old Jessie Kowalski was evicted from the Big Brother house. She will join Judd Daugherty and Candice Stewart to compete for a chance to re-enter the game during the live show on Thursday.

Aaryn Gries is officially the competition queen this season as this will be her 4th HOH win.

It baffles me that Amanda, who has never won anything still manages to control everyone in the house.

Sunday morning 2:35 am on the live feeds, a conversation in the HOH room between Amanda and Aaryn, spiraled into an argument which led to Aaryn lashing out at Big Brother fans.

Aaryn says she doesn’t care anymore that she’s being portrayed as a racists and then went on to call Big Brother viewers cowards for believing and spewing negativity online.

She ended the conversation by saying ‘Any publicity is good publicity so people can talk as much sh*t about me.”

First of all, Aaryn, the live feeds are not manipulated. She may not care right now because she has no idea of how ignorant she looks but once the show’s over it will sink in.

Some of the house guests are beginning to see that they should have taken her out when they had the opportunity to.

The have nots for the week are Amanda, Gina Marie, Helen and Elissa.

America chose Head Cheese and Habaneros for the have nots.

Elissa Reilly is beginning to crack under the pressure of being a have not for the fourth time this season and her mates are tired of her whinny attitude.

On to the nominations!

Aaryn nominated Helen and Elissa for eviction. Aaryn wants Elissa out, but the rest of the house is targeting Helen.

Helen has no idea she the target and is hoping for McCrae, Andy and Gina Marie to save her.

The 3AM crew which consists of Aaryn, Andy, Amanda and McCrae are hoping to make it to the final four but their plans may fall short with this upcoming twist.

The eliminated house guest plus those in jury will compete for a chance to get back in the game. Who do you think will make a bigger impact on the game when they return?

Let me know in your comments below.

If you can’t wait to know who won the POV , click to reveal the spoiler.

[toggle title=”Spoilers” state=”close” ]Elissa won the veto competition and will be using it to keep herself safe. Spencer will likely go up as a replacement nominee and be used as a pawn. Helen approached Aaryn with a deal to save her so she can go after Amanda and McCrae. Might be too late for Helen but we have 5 days till eviction and anything can happen from now until then so stay tuned.[/toggle]

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