Big Brother week 9 – Evicted Contestant Blames Racist Remarks on Being Texan!

Big Brother week 9 – Evicted Contestant Blames Racist Remarks on Being Texan!

Another controversial week in the big brother 15 house and the viewers are starting to get fed up with Amanda Zuckerman’s behavior on the live feeds.

After several failed attempts to work with Aaryn, Elissa decided to deal with the root of everyone’s problem in the house…Amanda!

Elissa nominated McCrae and Aaryn for eviction, which made Amanda not so happy.

She tortured Elissa all week, promising to “slit her throat in her sleep”, insulting Elissa’s children and threatening to kill her.

This is not the first death threat from Amanda and viewers are turned off by CBS for allowing this behavior.

Big Brother 14 contestant, Willie Hantz was expelled for the same type of behavior but I guess the rules do not apply to CBS’s golden girl- Amanda Zuckerman.

Elissa locked herself in the HOH room to avoid the drama. Later that week, Amanda blamed her behavior on “not taking her meds”.

According to a tweet by MissCleoBB15, Amanda’s family has gotten the FBI involved due to the multiple death threats they’ve received from angry fans.

Her psychotic behavior made her an even bigger target as the remaining contestants planned to blindside her.

Unfortunately for them, Amanda had her first win of the season when she won the veto.

She took McCrae off and Elissa put Andy in as the replacement nominee.

Elissa pushed for Aaryn to go home and with a unanimous vote of 5 to 0, Aaryn Gries was evicted from the Big Brother House.

Boo’s and cheers could be heard from the audience as she walked out of the Big Brother House.

Big Brother fans have wanted Aaryn expelled since week 2 of the show due to her insensitive remarks against her fellow Asian, Gay and African American house mates.

Julie Chen started off by reading out some of the racists remarks she had said throughout the show.

Aaryn denied the allegations and blamed it on being misconstrued because she is a Southern “white” girl.

Then she went off to say ‘I honestly feel horrible. In Texas we say things, sometimes we joke and we don’t mean it. I really feel bad that this is how its being seen and this is how I come across to people.’

What did you think of the crowd’s reaction to her answers?  Watch the full exit interview HERE

Only a couple hours ago, Aaryn and Amanda were caught expressing their dislike for Asians.

I hate Asians, I do. I hate when they drive. I love it when they make me Chinese food.”

In another scene that same evening, Aaryn and her pal Gina Marie chuckled about  minorities when Aaryn blurted out “Gorillas mow my lawn” , referring to the black man that mows her lawn.

Aaryn Gries lost her modeling contract with Zephyr talent and Bella Petite Magazine. Both talent agencies distanced themselves from Aaryn as soon as her nasty behavior came to light.

Click HERE to read the a statement from Bella Petite Magazine’s Editor.

Because Aaryn is part of the Big Brother 15 jury, she will not be told any information from the outside world until finale night when they crown a Big Brother 15 winner.

I hope her family is ready to do some damage control once the season is over.

To find out who won the HOH, click the spoiler below!

[toggle title=”Spoiler” state=”close” ]Gina Marie won her second HOH. Spencer and Judd were the two people with the least amount of eggs and so have been punished by the viewers by having to wear a chicken suit for 48hours. Amanda and ELissa are still at it again. Elissa walked away and now Amanda is telling everyone that Elissa is bullying her. Gina Marie put Amanda and McCrae up for eviction. Amanda is threatening to self evict.[/toggle]

Missed tonight’s show? Watch it HERE, on

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday to find out who the nominees for eviction are, plus Julie Chen will reveal another shocking twist.

Will Mcrae and Amanda finally be separated? Let me know in your comments below.

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