Bill Nye fainted onstage from exhaustion Tuesday during a speaking engagement at the University of Southern California.

The popular host from the 1990’s TV Show Bill Nye The Science Guy was speaking on climate and global changes in California Tuesday when he collapsed mid-sentence.  According to audience members he quickly recovered and managed to finish his lecture.

Nye was out for about ten seconds before he got back up. Audience members said he asked how long he had been out and recalled the same thing happening earlier.

Some were reporting that he had fainted multiple times during his presentation and that his speech was slurred.

Paramedics arrived on scene at 8:40 pm. It is unknown if Nye was treated on site, but he was eventually removed from the stage.

Publicist Glenn Schwartz stated that after a good night’s rest Nye was doing well. He said that the speaker had merely pushed himself too hard.