Black Friday 2013 – Discount Rumors & Predictions Appearing Online

Black Friday 2013 – Discount Rumors & Predictions Appearing Online

With Black Friday fast approaching, various predictions have started to appear all around the internet.

The top selling items expected to be included in Black Friday discount bundles include the XBox 360, the Sony PS3 and the Apple iPad.

It’s also expected that prices for the video gaming consoles will be lowered as both the PS4 and the Xbox One are to be released before Black Friday.

The Xbox One will cost $499 and the Play Station 4 will cost $399. The current generation of video game consoles are likely to be sold for around $200 during this year’s Black Friday sales.

According to Deal News, HDTVs will reach a sales price of $429 (currently the medium price is $700). Google Nexus 7 should drop to around $200,  and the iPad will drop to around $330.

Other rumors state that brick and mortar stores will actually open and remain open starting 8 PM Thanksgiving Day.

Online shopping deals are expected to be available from November 20, although week long shopping deals are also to be made public in an attempt to keep servers from crashing.

What you are looking forward to during this year’s Black Friday? What do you want to buy and what are your expectations? Will you be shopping online or will you fight the crowds in the stores?

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