Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams |FBI Alert Issued

The lure of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will find many people trolling the internet with credit and debit cards handy. This buzz of on line shopping provides the perfect opportunity for cyber criminals to steal personal information and your money.

The FBI San Diego issued a warning for online shoppers to be on the alert for internet scams. Cyber criminals will use various methods that seem legitimate to steal your information and money.

One method used by cyber criminals is fraudulent ads and/or auctions in which products they do not have in their possession are promoted on the internet. In some cases, advertised products have been purchased with stolen credit cards.

Consumers are encouraged to use payment services to make purchases and avoid using their cards or debit cards that provide information directly to vendor.

Gift card scam is another creative means to steal your money. Consumers are urged to purchase gift cards directly from the merchant or authorized vendor. Cards that are purchased through fraudulent means are at risk of being deactivated by retailer.

Phishing and social networking scams have become popular. In this scam, an email or text message asks you to take immediate action regarding your financial accounts. Consumers are directed to click a link that takes them to a fake website. Any personal or financial information provided will be stolen.

Also, beware of that amazing ‘one day deal’ on that big ticket brand name product. Scammers will email ads with popular products to encourage you make a purchase. These ads will lead to a spoof or fake website that looks real. Once you input your personal data, your money and personal information are stolen.

In addition, caution should be taken when responding to postings on social media websites advertising supposedly great deals that are linked to fraudulent websites.

How do you protect your personal information while shopping online?

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