BlackBerry Says Systems Restored, Mail On Its Way (Video)

BlackBerry continues to apologize today for a world-wide outage that continues to affect users, some who say their mail inboxes remain empty. BlackBerry is now going into the fourth day of the crises.

At 9am this morning, BlackBerry reported that BlackBerry services are operating well globally. During a 10am conference call, Mike Lazaridis, co-chief executive of BlackBerry, said BlackBerry has completely restored their systems. He reported that the outage was caused by a single failed switch on Monday, and a failed transfer to a backup switch, leading to cascading systems overloads.

During the conference call, BlackBerry also said that they had not considered compensation or reimbursements to customers to make up for the outage yet. Their sole focus has been on dealing with the actual outage, and that they will now prioritize customer compensation concerns.

They also confirmed that this was the largest outage BlackBerry has ever experienced.

During the conference call, one caller, identifying himself as a small business owner in the US, said he called in to say that his BlackBerry was still not receiving mail, despite BlackBerry saying systems were now working. However, as his call was in progress, he reported that his BlackBerry had just started receiving mail.

BlackBerry said that the system is in the progress of delivering mail, but said it would take some time to work through the backlog.

BlackBerry posted a video early this morning of a very tired looking Lazaridis. In the video, he said it was too soon to say it is completely over, and apologizing again. He also indicated that BlackBerry is working on providing more frequent updates, and that he is unable to provide an estimate for the complete resolution of the crises. The video is below.

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