Blue Buffalo Recall: Moldy Food Concern

Blue Buffalo has voluntarily recalled select bags of dry dog food due to high moisture levels that could potentially cause the food to become moldy.

The recalled product is the 30-pound bag of the Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe (UPC: 8596100032, lot code AH 2A 1208 through 1400) with an expiration date of APR 11 17.

The potentially moldy bags were sold through PetSmart stores.

No illnesses or deaths have been reported in association with this recall.

Consumers who have purchased the recalled food can return it to PetSmart for a full refund.

Concerned pet parents can contact Blue Buffalo at 800-919-2833 or at

The consumption of mold/moldy food results in mycotoxicosis. Symptoms of mycotoxicosis include dehydration, hyperactivity, increased body temperature, increased heart rate, lack of appetite (leading to anorexia), muscle tremors, panting, seizures, uncoordinated movements, vomiting, and weakness.

Dogs who have consumed mold/moldy food need to be taken to their veterinarian immediately. An exam and bloodwork will be performed.

Once diagnosed with mycotoxicosis, dogs will need to be hospitalized, have their stomachs pumped, and activated charcoal may be given to help absorb the toxins.

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