Blue Buffalo Releases Kidney Support Diets For Cats And Dogs

Blue Buffalo now offers special kidney support diets for cats and dogs.

KS Kidney Support For Dogs and KM Kidney + Mobility Support For Cats both have specific levels of phosphorus, protein, and sodium to help manage kidney disease.

As with the other lines of Blue Buffalo, the company claims that no by-product meals, corn, gluten, wheat, or artificial colors/flavors/preservatives are used in Blue Natural Veterinary Diets, and real meat is the first ingredient.

Founder and chairman of Blue Buffalo Bill Bishop released this statement regarding the new products:

“Blue Buffalo is proud to introduce another natural choice in nutritional therapy for pets with specific medical conditions. Our new Kidney Support for dogs and Kidney + Mobility for cats are important additions to our line of veterinary-exclusive natural therapeutic diets.”

KS Kidney Support For Dogs and KM Kidney + Mobility Support For Cats are prescription diets, so consumers must have a prescription from their veterinarian to purchase a bag.

For readers familiar with prescription diets, KS and KM are comparable to Science Diet K/D.

Will you be switching your pet’s prescription diet from a company like Science Diet to Blue Buffalo? Let me know in the comments, and share this with your family and friends!

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Consumer Expert Carissa Myers

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