Nestle Purina sued Blue Buffalo one year ago for false advertisement of the ingredients in the company’s pet foods, and Blue Buffalo has finally responded to the accusations.

Blue Buffalo prides itself in providing pet food and treats that are made with wholesome ingredients, so it came as a big surprise when Purina performed an independent test on Blue Buffalo’s food and found poultry by-product meal – an ingredient that is not listed on the packaging.

Now – a year after the tests were conducted – Blue Buffalo has voiced its retaliation against Purina’s findings by saying, “Its tests were conducted by a single individual working out of his basement who faked his credentials and whose methods and conclusions are utterly unreliable.”

Despite Blue Buffalo’s remarks, the individual who ran the tests came to correct conclusions. Blue Buffalo admitted that there is poultry by-product meal in some of its pet foods.

The company refuses to take responsibility for the error, however, and is suing the suppliers who shipped mislabeled ingredients to the Blue Buffalo plants.

Blue Buffalo also pointed out that even though some of their products contain poultry by-product meal, Purina Dog Chow contains corn, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, and poultry by-product meal, and Purina’s Beneful Original contains ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, and propylene glycol (a preservative found in some automotive antifreeze and e-cigarettes that is non-toxic in proper dosages).

Purina dismissed Blue Buffalo’s claims by calling out the company’s refusal to take responsibility for the false advertisement of the ingredients in its pet foods.

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