BMW Airbag Recall: 3-Series Models From 2002 & 2003 Recalled

BMW Airbag Recall: 3-Series Models From 2002 & 2003 Recalled

BMW just recalled around 220,000 vehicles from around the world (over 42,000 in US alone).

The problem, linked to faulty airbags manufactured by Takata Corp, affects 3-series models from 2002 and 2003.

This recall comes shortly after over 3.4 million vehicles were recalled last month by Nissan Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp, Mazda and Honda Motor Co. Out of these around 1.3 million were recalled in USA.

BMW recalled 64,044 vehicles in Germany and according to the NHTSA, in the US there are 42,080 BMW vehicles that are currently in the same situation. Britain saw over 24,000 vehicles recalled and in Italy there are over 13,000.

According to Dave Buchko, BMW spokesman, the recalled vehicles will be repaired in July. It was also stated that there were no reports of accidents or injuries connected to the faulty airbags.

The reason for the BMW recall is the fact that airbags made by Takata and installed in the front passenger seat can be dangerous as they will not properly inflate due to a manufacturing defect traced back to the airbag inflator propellant. Fires can start and passengers can be injured when metal fragments are displaced.

Takata reported that they were aware of the problem due to an October 2011 deployment failure incident that took place in Japan.

Another similar accident was reported in Puerto Rico about a month later. While the airbag manufacturer was not able to reproduce the accidents, 3 additional incidents were reported in the autumn of 2012.

According to Buchko, out of the 3.4 milion vehicles recalled, only around 12 had improper deployment problems.

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