With gas prices continuing to soar, many who are looking for a cheaper way to get to and from work have turned to scooters. Now, BMW has developed an electric scooter just for suburban commuters.

This all-electric scooter by BMW travels up to 62 miles per charge and reaches top speeds of 37 miles per hour, the same speed as 600cc gas-powered scooters. It can carry 2 easily without losing any of its power. According to egmCarTech, it can also handle starts on steep inclines with 2 passengers. The scooter charges in as little as 3 hours from a conventional household socket.

BMW built this new E-Scooter without a frame. The entire assembly is mounted on an aluminum battery case, which houses the battery and the electrical system that monitors the battery. The battery is air-cooled, while the motor and the electronics are liquid-cooled.

The electric motor is mounted behind the aluminum battery casing. The secondary drive uses a toothed belt that runs from the belt pulley mounted on the swinging fork pivot to the electric motor. A roller chain transferres the power to the rear wheel. The BMW e-scooter recuperates the released energy during braking and deceleration.

BMW has not said when it will launch the new e-scooter. However, the company has said that the electric scooter is expected to launch in late 2011.