Nebraska coach Bo Pelini held a press conference Monday for the sole purpose of apologizing for his behavior during Saturday’s game against Texas.

Pelini was seen arguing heavily with game officials several times during the televised game and after the game had ended was seen berating an official. He was also broadcast screaming at his quarterback Taylor Martinez as he returned from the locker room.

The attack on Martinez led to many rumors Sunday that the quarterback had left the team. This was addressed at the press conference as well. Pelini cleared up the confusion by letting everyone know that Martinez had not left and was still a member of the team.

During the conference Pelini stressed that disagreeing with the officials was not what he did wrong. He admitted that the extent to which he handled it and the fact that it got personal was where his error lied. He confessed that he was wrong and regretted his actions.

University chancellor Harvey Perlman had criticized Pelini’s behavior over the weekend. The coach said he spoken to both Perlman and the athletic director and they were all on the same page.

Pelini stressed to the reporters that this would not happen again.