Looking for a couple of books to add to your Kindle, Nook or Kobo collection? Here’s today’s round-up of heavily discounted ebooks courtesy of BookBub:

“GI Brides” by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi – This international bestseller follows four of the 70,000 women who fell for American soldiers in Great Britain during World War II. By crossing the ocean when the fighting ended, these courageous women took a risk for love and found themselves in a new country full of strangers.

“St. Charles at Dusk” by Sarah M. Cradit – Oz Sullivan has finally pieced his life back together after his short, intense affair with Adrienne. But when she reappears — without any memories of their previous love — he must find a way to help her without destroying himself…

“Simpler Living” by Jeff Davidson – Feeling cluttered and stressed? Then this how-to guide is a must-read. Filled with more than 1,500 tips designed to help you create a more peaceful and productive daily routine.

“Someone Like You” by Suzanne Jenkins – Bound together by past trauma, sisters and single mothers Marley and Abigail have always leaned on one another for strength. When an unlikely stranger opens a path to healing, both women learn to forgive in this heartrending novel.

“Tentyrian Legacy” by Elise Walters – The vampires of Tentyris flourished in ancient times — and have since been forgotten. But Arianna’s telepathic abilities lead her to an incredible discovery: She is a descendant of this old and powerful race. Can she fulfill a prophecy and save the world?

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