Looking for a couple of books to add to your Kindle or Nook collection? Here’s today’s round-up of heavily discounted ebooks courtesy of BookBub:

“Beyond a Reasonable Death” by John Ellsworth – Young lawyer Thaddeus Murfee just messed with the wrong man. Hiding in the Arizona mountains while he builds a case against the mafia, deadly enemies soon chase after him… and everything rests on one final, explosive trial. A tightly written thriller.

“Tempest at Dawn” by James D. Best – A fascinating and dramatic historical novel about the brave leaders who came together at a critical juncture in 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation — and save the young United States from the brink of collapse.
“The Healthy Green Drink Diet” by Jason Manheim – Get the extra dose of veggies that will make all the difference for your diet and health. Get recipes for green smoothies and juices that are full of nutritious vegetables like kale, spinach, and cucumbers.

“Reader” by Erec Stebbins – “A richly detailed, compelling story” (Kirkus Reviews): In a galaxy where everyone blindly accepts the “truth,” Ambra Dawn is about to awaken to a shocking reality that will rip her away from everything she’s ever known. A reality that bends time and space itself.

“Miss Mabel’s School for Girls” by Katie Cross – Most young witches travel to Miss Mabel’s School for Girls to learn magic. But Bianca travels to the school for a different reason: to confront Miss Mabel, the woman who cursed her family. Can she break the spell before it kills her?

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