Looking for a couple of books to add to your Kindle, Nook or Kobo collection? Here’s today’s round-up of heavily discounted ebooks courtesy of BookBub:

•  “Maid to Match” by Deeanne Gist – Tillie quickly falls for footman Mack Danvers when she arrives at the Vanderbilts’ opulent Biltmore manor. Will their love threaten her position? A historical Christian novel full of faith and romance with over 130 five-star reviews on Amazon.

•  “Magi’i of Cyador” by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. – From a nationally bestselling author who delivers “intriguing fantasy in a fascinating world” (Robert Jordan) comes the beginning of an epic saga. Lorn — talented yet headstrong — is sent to the front lines of a barbarian war where he’ll have to fight to survive. “The most compelling of tales” (Romantic Times).

“Dragon’s Triangle” by Christine Kling – Maggie is working on her sailboat when she receives a letter with information about her grandfather, a World War II veteran who went missing in action. Now she must use his old codes to find a shipwreck, uncover a treasure’s secrets, and face the mystery of her family. With over 400 five-star reviews on Amazon.

• “John Wayne Gacy” by Sam L. Amirante and Danny Broderick – A true story more shocking than any legal drama out there today: Sam Amirante was a fresh young lawyer opening his first practice — he had no idea his first client would be the vicious, infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. And he had no idea he’d be defending a complete monster…

“Confessions of a Courtesan” by Elizabeth Charles – An engrossing novel from an award-winning author, perfect for fans of Sarah Dunant and Sarah Waters. Lizzie Cane is a highly sought-after courtesan with the world at her feet and one rule: Never fall in love. But that’s a rule she’s about to break…

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