Things are not looking good for Seeley Booth in the upcoming landmark 10th season of Bones.

Last we saw Booth he was defending his home from assassins sent to kill him, after he and the Jeffersonian team got too close to a government conspiracy.

Booth was left critically wounded after the fire fight. He survived, only to be arrested for murder.

The final twist, as told to Brennen, is that the would be assassins were actually FBI agents serving a warrant on Booth and Brennen’s home.

Things are bleak for Booth as the season ends with him handcuffed and in custody.

The long wait to find out Booth’s fate was made a little shorter this past weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. Fans were treated to a teaser clip which shows a disheveled  Booth in prison.

Booth appears to be in general population, unusual for a (former?) federal agent. Booth isn’t getting any special treatment from the guards and is definitely unpopular with the inmates.

In the short clip he is quickly provoked while in a line of inmates. An intense fight ensues, leaving Booth bloody.

What is Booth’s fate? How deep does the conspiracy go? The 10th season of Bones premieres in a new timeslot on September 25th.

If you can’t quite wait that long here is the teaser clip showed at comic con:

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