The audience gasped and booed as Brandy’s Dancing with the Stars elimination was announced Tuesday night. This left Kyle Massey, Bristol Palin and Jennifer Gray to go into the finals on the show.

The disappointment of the audience was visible when it was announced that the voting had eliminated singer Brandy from the show on Tuesday. Judges had raved about the star’s dance the previous night and had given her and her partner 57 of 60 possible points.

As the crowd echoed the disappointment of the judges, Brandy’s partner Maksim Chmerkovsky addressed the audience with a statement about how people voted and their voices deserved to be heard. He also shared that he had encountered an amazing journey and regretted nothing.

Brandy showed her surprise through her tears when she stated that she did not know she felt.

Later Tuesday the pair appeared on Jimmy Kimmel where Brandy was more composed. She said that she had hoped for the best but had no regrets doing the show.