Bridgerton Book Series: Correct Order To Read Them & Where To Buy Them

Bridgerton Book Series: Correct Order To Read Them & Where To Buy Them

Season 2 of Bridgerton may be over but you can still get your fix by reading the books!

Reading the books is a great way to feed your obsession until season 3 comes out on Netflix . Then you can see just how close the show follows the books. 

As an avid reader I just had to get the books, but let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

A lot of sites offer only some of the books, or they offer multiple covers/versions, making it hard to know which ones to buy. 

But not to worry, I got you covered (haha)! 

I’ll tell you what order the books are meant to be read in and where to buy them, whether you want a hardcover, paperback  kindle or audio book. 

Bridgerton Series Order

Written by Julia Quinn, the books follow the lives and loves of the Bridgerton Clan. Here is the correct reading order:

  • The Duke and I (The Duke & Daphne)
  • The Viscount Who Loved Me (Anthony & Kate)
  • An Offer From A Gentleman (Benedict & Sophie)
  • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Colin & Penelope)
  • To Sir Phillip With Love (Eloise & Phillip)
  • When He Was Wicked (Francesca & Michael)
  • It’s In His Kiss (Hyacinth & Gareth)
  • On The Way To The Wedding (Gregory & Lucy)
  • Happily Ever After (2nd Epilogues for all the books)

Where To Buy The Bridgeton Books 

Now, you can go on many sites, including Amazon, and find the books; however, many of those sites have the books with different covers or in separate groups of 3, and some books are not available on certain sites, which can become confusing.

Call me a purist but I wanted the original covers, not the covers with the Netflix actors. 

That’s why I recommend you order from the official website

The site has everything you need to order the books, as well as information about the series, prequel books (yes, there are 4!), character analysis and other interesting facts. 

Plus, when you order through the site, each individual book comes with its 2nd epilogue, letting you know what happens to the characters after the story ends!

So you don’t need to buy the Happily Ever After book, although I did though, just to complete the series. 

When you go to the site you will see the books listed in order and under each book are 3 links to read, buy, or listen.

When you click on the buy link it will take you to all your buying options. You can buy hardcover, mass market paperback, trade paperback, e-book, Netflix tie-in mass market paperback and Netflix tie-in trade paperback.

Once you pick the one you want it will give you the option to purchase it from the sites it is available on, such as Barnes N Nobles, Amazon, Indiebound, Book Depository, Avon, Books-a-Million, and a few other sites.

Some of the books also have special edition hardcovers available as well.

The Julia Quinn site is a hidden gem. It makes the order process smooth; you can pick the cover you want and compare prices all at the same time. 

I’d tell you more, but I’m off to read!

Let me know if you order the books and what you think of them.

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