Best Buy Sales: Watch Dogs, Mario Kart 8 & More

Best Buy has some great deals on some of the hottest video games and upcoming DVD releases, including the highly anticipated Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs will be available this Tuesday, May 28th, but Best Buy will have midnight sales at select locations on Monday, May 27.  They are also offering $10 in rewards to members who pre-order, plus 20% off the game to unlocked members.

The Watch Dogs season pass is $19.99 and consumers can get $10 off the Watch Dogs Collectors Edition Game Guide.

You can also receive $20 off select games when you purchase Watch Dogs.  Select games include titles such as: NBA 2K 2014, Grand Theft Auto V, Dark Souls II and more.

Watch Dogs is the most anticipated game of 2014.  It is a 3rd person shooter game, set in an open world around main character Aiden Pearce.

It blends multi player, single player and online play, changing the landscape of gaming forever.  If you didn’t pre order a copy the midnight sale will be your best chance to get a copy.

It is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.  The Wii U console will also have it sometime later this year.  The game will retail for $59.99.

Mario fans can get a special Nintendo Wii U Console Deluxe Set with Mario Kart 8 for $329.99 on Friday, May 30.  The game itself will cost $59.99.

Move buffs can get 100 my Best Buy Points when they pre-order: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Lego Movie, Lone Survivor and Robocop.  You can even pre-order Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Futures Past.

What do you think of these sales? Share your thoughts below.

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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