After months of innuendo and speculation former Olympic athlete and father of 6 Bruce Jenner confirmed to Diane Sawyer tonight that: “for all intents and purposes I am a woman”.

An emotional Jenner sat down with Sawyer for an exclusive interview and explained that while he may be attracted to women, “his brain is more female than male” and he is in the process of becoming a woman.

Jenner was candid and appeared relieved, but uncertain as he spoke, telling the world that this is who he is as he literally and figuratively let his hair down.

He was also very emotional, saying that: “he’s been building towards this moment his whole life”and that he has: “the soul of a woman” and has enjoyed wearing women’s clothes for as long as he could remember.

Jenner explained in the interview that this will be a slow process in order to protect his family, so for now he wants to still be referred to using male pronouns.

At this time he has no plans to undergo surgery to become a woman, he said  is just going to enjoy life the way he wants too, without fear.

Sawyer was direct, but tactful, letting Bruce tell his story in his way and revealing some interesting facts along the way.

Bruce admitted he had started hormone therapy to become a woman in 1980, but stopped because it went against his religious beliefs and he was scared it would hurt his kids.

While many may question why he would do this now, for him there was no question, it was simply time for him to stop living a lie.

He went on to say that while he is very proud of his athletic accomplishments, especially his Olympic gold, that is a small part of who he really is.

He also revealed that while all his kids support him it has been Kim (after a little talk with husband Kanye -surprise) that has been his biggest champion, while the normally carefree Khloe is having a tougher time adjusting.

Some of the kids even suggested he keep it a secret, although they suggested it more out of a need to protect him than embarrassment according to Bruce.

His 2 youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall, gave Sawyer a statement for the show, saying that: “if their dad is happy then they are happy”.

Above all else, Jenner said he just wants to make sure he doesn’t hurt his family and told Sawyer: “I’m gonna be okay, at least. I think I’m gonna be okay”.

When Sawyer asked if this was a publicity stunt Bruce said: “What I’m doing is going to do some good and we’re going to change the world.”

Kim will be speaking exclusively with Matt Lauer about this on NBC’s Today show Monday morning.

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