Brutal legend steam PC game When Double Fine first released Brutal Legend in 2009, it was set to become a blockbuster and take the gaming community by storm.

But poor marketing made sure that it never saw the success it was expected to achieve.

The recent announcement that it will be released soon for the PC appears to be an attempt to resurrect the failing series.

The game features action combat and an open world, sand box, style of gameplay.

If it’s marketed well it’s sure to attract many a gamer. The comedian Jack Black plays the main antagonist Eddie Riggs, as he totes around his famous guitar Clementine.

The digital version will be available on Steam and there are offering a $5 discount for those who pre-order. Pre-ordering Brutal Legend for PC will cost $15. After it’s release date (so far unannounced) it will cost $20.

In addition, those wo pre-order will receive two special items in Team Fortress 2  – the hair of Eddie Riggs and Clementine, his instrument. They are also given free BETA access, which is a huge bonus.

The original Brutal Legend music score, which was composed by Peter McConnell, is available for $8. It can be gained along with the Brutal Legend 2 Soundtrack edition for an extra $5.

What do you think of Steam’s offer? Will you pre-order… or hold off for now?

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