Budweiser Campaign MLB HolidayBudweiser and Ozzie Smith are campaigning to make MLB Opening Day a national holiday and they’re almost one step closer to their goal.

A petition to the White House has been started and at press time, is only lacking 2,505 signatures to reach the 100,000 required for a response from the Administration.

The deadline to sign the petition is March 26, 2014.

Budweiser said in a statement, “Fans 21 and older are encouraged to visit Budweiser.com/OpeningDay to sign the petition and honor MLB Opening Day, which this year falls on March 31, as a day of national observance via presidential proclamation.”

The campaign to make MLB Opening Day a holiday began with Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith appearing in a video at St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training.

New videos featuring retired players and coaches in support of the initiative are still being released this week at Budweiser.com/OpeningDay and on Budweiser’s YouTube channel.

Budweiser released the following numbers related to MLB Opening Day 2014:

22 million Americans admit to having played hooky to watch or attend an Opening Day game
1,092 baseballs are used on Opening Day
1.3 million fans will attend Opening Day games in 2014
19,500 pounds of peanuts and 148,000 pounds of hot dogs will be consumed on Opening Day

Major League baseball fans interested in learning more about Budweiser’s campaign to make MLB Opening Day a national holiday can visit petitions.whitehouse.gov or Budweiser.com/OpeningDay.