So Blizzcon is just around the corner, and Blizzard has decided to tempt players into buying a ticket for the convention’s stream.

Anyone purchasing the $39.99 virtual ticket will not only be granted access to the live stream of the event but will also get their hands on the following goodies for the following major Blizzard titles:

World of Warcraft – Grommloc Pet
Hearthstone – Blizzard 2014 Card Back
Starcraft II – Portraits and Decals
Diablo III – Warlords of Draenor Weapon Transmogrifications
Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Mount and Portrait

Blizzcon is scheduled from November 7 to November 8 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Only one virtual ticket can be purchased per account.

Virtual ticket holders will also have access to full replays for two weeks after Blizzcon itself; allowing dedicated fans to watch any match, event or interview they wish on their own time.

Oh, and Chris Hardwick of Nerdist Industries as well as Comedy Central’s Talking Dead and @midnight will host the whole thing – promising to bring his sharp wit to spice up event.

Those interested to learn more can do so by visiting the Blizzcon 2014 Website.