Thinking of buying a Pixel phone from Project Fi tonight to take advantage of their “up to $999” travel credit deal?

Frankly, it’s quite a deal, especially if you were thinking of getting a Pixel phone anyway.

The gist of it is this – you get a travel credit through that allows you to use your credit for gift cards to the likes of AirBNB, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and

The credit amount you receive is based on the price of the phone you purchase.

To qualify, you have to buy a Pixel phone from Google’s Project Fi service before midnight tonight, Pacific Time (3am Eastern).

You have to activate it on Project Fi within 15 days of it being shipped, and keep it active on Project Fi for 60 days. The activation must be full, not data-only.

The deal is open to both new and existing Project Fi users.

Heads up though – the terms and conditions include this statement: “If Fi service is paused for more than 7 days or cancelled within 120 days of activation, the value of the gift card will be charged to your Google Payments account to match the purchased price of the device.” So basically, you’re committed to sticking with Project Fi for 120 days.

By the way, I use the service myself and have for years. It’s good.

There are more terms, so I posted the full text below.  Here’s the link to the deal:

Be sure to share this post with your friends, family and followers tonight. If they are in the market for a Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3, or Pixel 3XL, they will definitely appreciate the info!

Here are the terms and conditions from the email Google sent out about their “Buy a Pixel with Project Fi and travel on us” deal:

Limited time offer applies to any qualifying device purchased from from 11/28/18 12:00 AM PT through 11/28/18 11:59 PM PT or while supplies last. When you purchase a qualifying device on, you can redeem a travel gift card in the amount you paid for the device, excluding taxes (details below).

To qualify for this promotion, the customer must choose Google Fi as a carrier on and purchase a Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, or Pixel 3 XL. The purchased device must be activated on Google Fi within 15 days of device shipment and remain active for 60 consecutive days within 75 days of device shipment. The device must be activated within the same group plan that was used to purchase the device. Activation must be full service (i.e., activation does not apply to a data-only SIM).

This offer is available for new and existing Google Fi customers. If the customer is new to Google Fi, the customer must transfer (port-in) their current personal number over to Google Fi during sign up. The number being transferred must be currently active and have been active with the previous carrier since 8/28/18 12:00 AM PT.
After the terms have been satisfied, the customer will receive an email from Google Fi (around 90 days after device activation) with instructions on how to obtain a gift card from Tango subject to Tango’s terms and conditions. The user can redeem gift card amounts at select travel partners, such as Airbnb, Delta Airlines,, and Southwest Airlines. Gift cards may also be subject to the terms of the travel partners.

If Fi service is paused for more than 7 days or cancelled within 120 days of activation, the value of the gift card will be charged to your Google Payments account to match the purchased price of the device. Limit one per person. This offer is only available for U.S. residents ages 18 and older, and requires Google Payments and Google Fi accounts. Unless otherwise stated, this offer cannot be combined with other offers. This offer cannot be combined with the $200 Fi credit offer on the site for users who “Bring your own device.” Offer and gift card redemption are not transferable, and are not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Void where prohibited.