The most highly-anticipated game of the year, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, will hit store shelves on November 4, but you can pre-order now to reserve your copy to gain early access & receive special offers.

Best Buy, GameStop Amazon & Target  are all accepting pre-orders and retailing the game for $59.99 (pricing may change after November 3).

The game is available for PS3/PS4/XBox 360/Xbox One/PC & PC download.

Those who pre-order now can get the Day Zero edition at no extra cost.

The Day Zero edition will give you access to the following extras:

-24-hour early access (November 3).

-a full day (November 3) of double XP

-2 custom weapons: Crossbow B2 & AK-12G assault rifle

-custom exoskeleton & EM1 Quantum weapon.

Best Buy:

Those who pre-order are eligible to buy a copy at their local Best Buy retailer on November 3.

There are only a limited number of copies so if you cannot get yours on that day you can still purchase a launch unit to download, allowing you to play and giving you access to all the extras.

My Best Buy members also get a $10 reward card and unlocked members get 20% off their game purchase.

*Best Buy is also  planning a midnight opening on November 3 for those who do not pre-order.  A spokeswoman for Best Buy said she expects most NY City locations to participate.


All pre-orders are eligible for in-store pick-up if you order by 11 A.M. (CST) on November 2.  All bonus items will be packed with your game.


Pre-orders are set to ship on November 3, but those who pre-order in the U.S. have the option for same day delivery at check-out (check to make sure your address is eligible).

There is also an XBox One Limited Editon Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle available at Best Buy, Game Stop, Amazon & Target for $499.99.

Bundle includes console, controller, limited edition exoskeleton and  COD: Advanced Warfare Day Zero edition.

Pre-orders are also available for this item, with a November 3 release date.

COD:Advanced Warfare is the latest edition in the Call of Duty franchise, one of the most successful & popular shooting game franchises of all time.

In this edition gamers will battle in a realistically created  future world, featuring poerful Private Military Corporations (PMC’s) that protect a number of nations and have modernized how war is conducted.

The game also has an advanced soldier that is already equipped with a powerful exoskeleton, eliminating the need to specialize the character.

There are also a vast array of new weapons, technology and vehicles, like hovercrafts and drones, to elevate game play to an all new level.

Check out the game play trailer below and tell us what you think of the latest Call of Duty game.