Talk of ‘Call Of Duty Elite’ lit up the blogs late on Memorial Day. Activision’s announcement of the new service was short on details, which, of course, led to rampant speculation.

Some of the details have begun to get worked out today. However, it appears that part of the confusion is that Activision is not sure of all the details themselves, at least according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Call Of Duty Elite will be, at least in part, a subscription based service. The WSJ reports that the cost has not yet been determined, but that it will likely be $7.99 or less per month.

Activision has made one thing clear. Gamers will not be requied to have a subscription to Call Of Duty Elite to play the regular Call Of Duty Game.

The new service will be a type of social networking platform, and is designed to allow for more player interaction. Some portions of ‘Elite’ will be free, such as groups, which will allow players to join groups and participate in tournaments. There will also be a way for players to track performance, stats, activities and progress.

Other parts of the service that might be included in the subscription price would be downloadable map packs. These packs expand the game, giving players new levels to play. Subscribers would also get added features and perhaps early access to new releases. However, much of that is still speculation, as Activision has not made any clear announcements about just what will be included with the paid subscription.

When will we learn more? According to this summer. They are reporting that Activision will have a pubic beta release this summer. The full release is scheduled for November 8, 2011, when it will be launched along with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.