‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ | Preview, Release Date & Cost {Video}

The multiplayer version of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, hits the shelves Nov. 8, and is the latest edition of the most widely played video game series in the history.

Activision Blizzard, the world’s biggest independent video game publisher, created the highly popular Call of Duty franchise. Activision Blizzard sells more than $1 billion world of games each year.

Electronic Arts is currently launching its highly anticipated Battlefield 3 combat game in competition with Call of Duty this Fall. Both games are expected to experience brisk sales.

In the newer version of the game, players can choose between three different types of modern warriors to play as, each wielding different packages of weaponry. The three different packages are the Assault Strike Package, Support Strike Package, and the Specialist Strike Package.

The Assault Strike Package allows players to do high amounts of direct damage with Killstreak rewards, and includes Predator drone missiles, helicopters and air strikes.

The Support Strike Package allows players to use rewards such as unmanned aerial vehicles, counter-UAV and anti-aircraft missile turrets.

The Specialist Strike Package allows expert players to act as snipers and gain points for their team. The more points earned, the more bonuses will be received, which can help in combat.

Here are a few of the Specialist perks that will be available in Modern Warfare 3:

• Recon – Explosive damage paints the target on the mini map
• Blind Eye – Undetectable by air support/sentries
• Assassin – Undetectable by UAV, portable radar, thermal, heartbeat
• Quickdraw – Faster aim down sight
• Stalker – Move faster while aiming
• Marksman – Identify targets at longer range

Expert players will be able to level up, up to 40 different weapons, the same way characters are leveled up in the game.

Modern Warfare 3 also features a “survival mode” for the Spec Ops version of the game. In Spec Ops, the game can be played cooperatively with another player against hordes of computer-generated enemies.

A “kill confirmed” mode is in the regular multiplayer version. In this mode, enemies are taken down and the player has to run over the body to collect “dog tags.” If the kill is not confirmed, credit will not be given for it.

There are also 16 new maps that will ship with the game disk. Five of which are on display at Call of Duty XP.

Modern Warfare 3 will supported dedicated servers, allowing players to browse, filter, and join dedicated servers as they wish. Players can also set up their own servers and administer them with direct control over features such as game rules, setup, and ban lists.

This version of Modern Warfare 3 will be accompanied by Call of Duty Elite. Call of Duty Elite can be accessed by gamers via console, PC, and mobile phones to be able to look up their statistics, chat with friends, learn more about the game, as well as watch and/or participate in creating fan videos and tournament play.

Call of Duty Elite will cost $49.99 to subscribe per year. A Call of Duty Limited Edition is expected to be released on Xbox 360 by Microsoft.

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