Meetings held between five members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors,  Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer, and several members of Congress, have caused complaints and calls for investigations for violating the California open meeting law, also know as the “Brown Act”.

The Full Disclosure Network (FDN) filed official complaints with California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office and the Los Angeles County DA.

The Brown Act prohibits a majority of a governing body’s members from meeting in private. It also states that a public notice of a meeting, with the date, time, place and agenda, be posted at least 72 hours before a meeting.

Along with the complaint, the FDN included a video in which their camera crew and reporter were ejected from one of the meetings. In another meeting, their reporter was allowed to attend, but the camera crew was excluded. Their reporter was also denied the opportunity to speak at the meeting, something which she should have been able to do as per the open meeting law, according to FDN.

The California Attorney’s, and LA County DA’s, offices have not committed on the complaints at this time.