Four women from New Jersey are allowed to proceed with their lawsuit against Campbell Soup Company according to U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle.

The women are suing Campbell under the consumer fraud law in New Jersey because they claim the company is misleading consumers with their labels. The prime example being used, and serving as the basis for the lawsuit, is the label on the 25% less sodium soups.

The women discovered hat the sodium in the condensed tomato soup labeled 25% less sodium was the same amount as the sodium in the regular can of condensed tomato soup. Both have 480 mg of sodium in a serving, yet consumers pay more for the less sodium version.

Campbell points out that the can states, and their claim is based on, the fact that their tomato soup has less sodium as compared to all condensed soups and not necessarily their own tomato soup. In a statement the company said, “Campbell has complete confidence in the accuracy of our labels and our marketing communications.”

Campbell had filed a motion to dismiss the case and it was denied by the judge. According to Simandle, the women had a valid case because the average consumer would be misled by the labeling of the soup.