The Vancouver Canucks will have to do without defenseman Aaron Rome for the rest of the Stanley Cup Season. Rome’s hit to Boston Bruins Nathan Horton during Monday night’s game landed him a suspension from NHL officials for the next 4 games.

During the first period of the game, Rome landed a blindsided hit to Horton after he had already passed the puck. Rome left his skates to knock Horton with his shoulder. Horton felt to the ice, hitting his head in the process. He lost consciousness for a few minutes and was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was kept overnight for observation. Nathan Horton was released Tuesday with a concussion and will be out for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Aaron Rome and the rest of the Vancouver Canucks believe that the suspension was an unfair punishment to what they called a “clean hit.” NHL senior vice president Mike Murphy defended the decision, stating that the hit was outside the bounds of acceptable because it was delivered after the puck was passed and caused “significant injury.”

The Boston Bruins, however, believe the call was a good one. Patrice Bergeron, whose forefinger was bitten by one of Aaron Rome’s teammates during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, said that he was expecting something. Bergeron stated that he knew the league would “take care of it.”

In the mean time, the Boston Bruins will have to wade through the remaining Stanley Cup Finals games without Nathan Horton, a key offensive player for the Bruins. The loss of Aaron Rome for the Vancouver Canucks doesn’t cut quite as deep into their play strategies, since Rome is a depth defenseman.

The Bruins haven’t seen a Stanley Cup game in 21 years. Tonight’s home game in Boston could be a make or break for the home team, who trails in the Stanley Cup Finals 2-1.