Tonight’s episode of Fox’s X Factor featured the Top 6 contestants each performing two songs, one unplugged and one chosen by the fans.

Carly Rose Sonenclar once again shined brighter than the rest. She is unstoppable and tonight was no exception.

Her acoustic version of Justin Bieber’s hit “As long as You Love Me” was breath taking. Sonenclar succeeded in adding her own special sultry flavor to the song as she hit every note with unwavering power.

LA Reid explained how he loved how Sonenclar showed restraint instead of filling up the song with vocal acrobatics and declared it as one of her best performances.

Simon agreed with Reid in the fact that this was one of his favorite performances by the young starlet.

Demi thought Sonenclar sang the song better than the original. I’m sure Demi may have developed haters from Belieber nation after that comment! However, I’d have to agree myself in admitting to preferring Sonenclar’s version to Bieber’s. Demi also compared Sonenclar to one of her favorite singers she grew up listening to, which is the lovely Jojo.

Britney praised Sonenclar stating: “I think what’s so special about you is that each week you continue to make each song your own.”

Sonenclar also did a superb job covering Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy.”

She started off in her lower register as she took her time in building up anticipation. It was unbelievable to see how she grew into her higher register so seamlessly. Her version of the song was definitely one of the best I’ve ever heard.

She once again received positive reviews from the judges. La Reid stated: “Every time you step on stage, as a fan, I am always excited! You never let me down.”

Demi and Simon both agreed that Sonenclar is always phenomenal when she sings, but was especially phenomenal tonight.

Britney simply exclaimed: “You’re the definition of the X Factor. It was stunning.”

Another fantastic performance tonight goes to Fifth Harmony covering Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break.” Even Demi herself stated that the song was made for them and preferred their version of the song than her own! So very self-less of her to say!

I’d have to agree myself. The girls each nailed their solos and beautifully embellished the song with angelic harmonies.

Who was your favorite performance of the night?