Casino-based WordPress Plugins: Are They Worth It?

When you decide to create a site using WordPress, there are a lot of things you have to consider.

First, you have to decide on a theme that would help attract people who surf the web. Second, you have to choose a host. And last, but not the least, you need to at least choose plugins.

Plugins are wonderful additions to WordPress sites since they’re cheap, adaptable, and easy to put up. Some of them also help garner revenue for the site, like casino plugins.

Casinos are a very profitable business. According to Statista, the online gaming market is currently valued at $159.71 billion. In New Jersey, where online gaming saw expansion in late 2013, various established land-based casinos came together with Betfair to bring online gaming to reality for their patrons.

Given the popularity of casino games, casino-based plugins make good additions to WordPress sites, right?

Before we jump into conclusions, let’s first take a look at a company that offers casino plugins to WordPress users.

White Label Casino is one of the sites that offered WordPress Casino plugins to the public. WordPress site owners are promised a 45% commission of the profit that White Label Casino makes with their plugins. The company also made the setup more attractive by allowing their casino plugins to be branded with a wordpress site’s very own casino game name and logo.

However, their casino plugin service didn’t last for long. According to them, they’ve discontinued the service because not a lot of people seem to be interested with the idea.

A few reasons come to mind why casino-plugins for WordPress don’t really work.

First of all, people know exactly what they want when they visit a particular site. People go to a food blog to look for a restaurant review or a recipe. Conversely, people go to a fashion expert’s page to check out the latest trends in fashion. In short, slot machines are out of place when embedded on a site that has no actual connection to online gaming.

In addition, the plugins don’t offer a lot of attractive freebies to customers, which is a trend with online casino providers. Online casinos today offer deposit bonuses, weekly tournaments, and progressive jackpots — things that are absent in casino plugins. Real money is involved in casino gaming, so people would rather spend their money on sites that give them an edge, rather than play somewhere that offers little to no bonus to gamers.

In the end, casino plugins on WordPress will never work until they start offering something as attractive as the ones that are being given out by online casino providers.

Consumer Expert Andria Rib

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