After spending last week in the 70’s, Castle and Beckett returned to present day to solve a rather grisly murder.

The show opened tonight with a young skateboarder being shot and murdered by a man on a motorcycle.  It was determined that the victim was a professional skateboarder from out of town.

As the team started to dig into the victim’s past, they wanted to question of his top rivals. Beckett and Castle went to the games to question a fellow competitor where she compared extreme sports to marrying Castle and catching criminals.

The investigation took an interesting twist when it was revealed that the victim’s gym ID was used by one of his competitors to stash a bag full of all the tools necessary to pull of a theft.

After a few more twists and turns, it was determined that the victim was killed the same man who had killed his friend years earlier.

While the team was solving this week’s case, there was a bit of a competition among Ryan and Esposito. This one to convince Rick who his best man should be.

Ryan and Javier were crushed to learn that Rick had chosen his daughter to be his best man instead of one of them.

Fans will enjoy another new episode of Castle next week. According to the preview, Beckett’s resolve to finally solve her mother’s death comes back to haunt her. Until then fans can enjoy streaming video on the show’s page of