This week’s episode had Detective Beckett taking on a different role, she was an undercover drug courier.

The episode started off as what was supposed to be a relaxing day off for Detective Beckett. Relaxation quickly turned to work for Kate when she was called in alone to the prescient.

Once Beckett was at the station, she was asked by narcotics to go undercover as a low-level drug courier in a new drug ring. Although Captain Gates was not pleased with how her best detective was strong armed, Kate took the role.

As Kate approached the meeting though she was quickly kidnapped and lost contact with the undercover narcotics agents. Captain Gates was not happy with this news. She promptly announced to Kate’s fellow Detectives Esposito and Ryan that there was a situation.

One of the most heartfelt moments of the season happened as Kate’s crew figured out her cover was blown. She wrote Castle a heartfelt love letter expressing how special their time together has been.

Beckett’s cover was blown when she insisted on meeting the man she was working for. It turns out that the man remembered her because she had accused him of killing her mother.

She was then tortured, but refused to give in. Just as it looked like Kate was going to be killed the killer that she was impersonating saved her life.

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