This week’s Castle mixed the murder of a wolf of wall street with wedding details.

Tonight’s episode began with the victim being found shot to death in his bed. The investigation into the victim’s murder took an interesting twist early.

It was revealed early in the episode that the victim was working for the United States Attorney’s office. He was tasked with wearing a wire as the inside man for a case against his boss.

Further digging revealed that the victim was in contact with a childhood friend, who was a gang leader in the city. During a visit from Beckett and Castle, the man disclosed that the victim had come to him the week before looking for a weapon to protect himself. 

He knew his life was at risk because of financial transactions. In the end it was revealed that the victim was in fact killed by one of the people he was supposed to be working for.

While the murder investigation was being conducted, Beckett and Castle faced a big question of their own. Who to invite to their upcoming wedding?

The couple had drafted separate lists to share with each other. After much debate they realized that having a large wedding was not what they wanted, and began work on a smaller list.

Castle fans will have to wait until April 21st for a new episode to air on television. However, until then the show’s page on is full of streaming videos for fans to enjoy.