Tonight’s Castle was the perfect mix of murder, mystery, and family honor.

The episode began with a young female being struck down by a flying knife. It appeared out of the darkness and the victim did not see it until it fatally struck her in the heart.

This investigation like many was filled with twists and turns. When Castle and Beckett went to check out an abandoned factory, they realized it was not totally abandoned. Instead of producing items, it was being used for another purpose as a shrine was found.

When Beckett went to check out a noise, Castle came face-to-face with a person dressed in the style of a ninja. The ninja took the knife he had been holding and disappeared into a cloud of blue smoke.

As the investigation into the victim intensified, the team learned she was orphaned in Japan. The victim had tracked down the man she had believed killed her family.

Just as she was gathering evidence she too was taken down.

As Beckett and Castle confronted the man a ninja battle ensued. The result of the battle saw the man who killed the victim and her family brought to justice.

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