Castle and Beckett returned to Rick’s former high school to investigate the unusual murder of a current student.

The murder looked as if it was pulled straight from a horror movie. A young woman appeared to be attacked and murdered by unseen forces.  A video of the scene led Castle to develop a theory centered on telekinesis.

The investigation led Beckett and Castle to a meeting with Castle’s former principal. He showed the duo another video of a telekinetic event. This one was taken place in the school cafeteria.

While Castle’s original theory appeared to hold some water for a time, the truth was eventually revealed. What appeared to be telekinetic events were in fact elaborate special effects sequences.

A surprising discovery of stolen property that the victim had stashed led the team to realize there were no unseen forces involved.  The victim was in fact a member of a robbery ring and killed by one of her friends.

The video call was actually a video the victim had filmed to spook her would be murderer. The girl then used the video to mask the murder scene.

After the murderer was led away from the high school dance, Rick and Beckett stepped onto the dance floor to recreate a moment neither had experienced in high school. In doing so they finally discovered their song.

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