This week’s Castle left the NYPD wondering who is the real killer?

Two unlucky hotel maids found the victim in his hotel room, killed by a single gunshot wound. What appeared to be an easy open and shut case, quickly became anything but.

As Beckett and her team were trying to learn more about the victim, they discovered he was recently in a confrontation with a young woman. Just before Kate started asking questions, the woman openly confessed to the crime in perfect detail.

While Kate was initially relieved, the relief quickly turned to confusion.   Not long after the initial confession, two men also confessed to the same crime in detail.

As the show unfolded, Beckett and crew learned of a connection between the three. They all belonged to the same self-help group.

When Kate brought the trio back together, Rick finally broke the case. The trio had witnessed the death, but not in the way they thought.

After some further investigation of the self-help group, it was revealed that all three had watched a video. The victim was an actor in the video meant to help viewers with their emotions.

As the case wrapped up, it was revealed that a fourth person was actually the murderer. She was the editor who had worked on the video and used it as a guideline.

Next week’s case appears to leave Kate in danger. Detective Beckett will be going undercover as a contract killer. Fans can enjoy the season to date with streaming videos on the show’s page on