Celebration, Florida, the small Disney themed community, was shattered over the discovery of the first murder in the area’s history.

The small town just south of Walt Disney World was created to be the perfect place to live and until Tuesday it was. Residents faced shock when they stepped outside to discover crime scene tape amid their town’s Christmas decorations.

Neighbors of 58 year old Matteo Grovanditto had become worried when they didn’t see him for several days and phone police. Upon checking out the situation the officers discovered a murder scene.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Twis Lizasuain said that it was unusual in the community of 11,000 to witness a crime of this magnitude. There have been no details about the killing released to the public.

Celebration was created in 1989 when Disney Corporation had the idea for a perfect residential town. Though critics equated the set up with a Stepford Wives type of situation, residents who arrived in 1996 began to quickly adore the community.