CES 2013: Driverless Cars, Smart Watches, & 3D TVs

CES 2013 The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (aka CES 2013) is now in full swing.

Yesterday we covered some sneak peeks at some of the products being featured – CES 2013: New Tech Products Revealed. Today we will deliver information about a few more of the goodies being showcased at CES 2013.

This is just a small taste of all the products being featured at CES 2013:

Toyota and Audi had cars that are driverless (at times) on display. Toyota featured their Lexus LS research car, while Audi displayed their Audi TTS research car.

Toyota’s Lexus division likens their Lexus LS research car to a co-pilot, and places more emphasis on assisting the driver while the car is being driven.

Mark Templin, general manager of Lexus, stated that: “We believe the driver must be fully engaged… A driverless car is just a part of the story. Our vision is a car equipped with an intelligent, always-attentive co-pilot whose skills contribute to safer driving.”

Audi likens their TTS research car to an auto-pilot, or piloted car. In a statement, Audi said that: “The term ‘piloted’ is used advisedly, as Audi envisions motorists enjoying the conveinence of allowing the car to handle mundane stop-and-go driving conditions, for example, while still being able to take control of the car when needed. In this way, the technology is similar to auto-pilot systems found on jetliners.”

Previously, Audi worked with Stanford University on a study of driverless cars. A driverless Audi TTS successfully completed the challenging Pikes Peak hill climb course in 27 minutes.

Two smart watches premiered at CES 2013 that can connect to your iPhone or Android device through Bluetooth. These smart watches are bringing the concept of “wearable” technology to reality.

EZIO has featured a line of smart watches at CES 2013. They alert you when your receive a phone call or text message, and can also help you keep track of your phone. EZIO’s smart watches alert you when you stray too far from your phone. The smart watches are expected to be available sometime this year for $150 each.

The other smart watch that is featured at CES 2013 is the Martian smart watch. It has the ability to connect to the voice-command technology on your smart phone.

Connection to the voice-command technology can make driving and other activities safer. Through voice-command, you can ask the Martian smart watch to read text messages to you.

The price of the Martian smart watch begins at $249, and is expected to be available sometime this year.

Vizio has featured a prototype 3D TV that does not require specialized glasses to view the 3D effects. Although interest in 3D technology has been waning, Vizio gets points for uniqueness with this product.

At this point, the image quality on Vizio’s prototype 3D TV is not as high as a set that requires the use of 3D glasses. To play it safe, they also featured a 4K Ultra HD TV next to the prototype. Vizio aims to release the 4K Ultra HD TV by the end of this year.

Does the concept of a driverless car blow your mind, or do you think it will be unsafe? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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