CES – Razer’s Project Fiona Becomes The Edge

CES – Razer’s Project Fiona Becomes The Edge

Exciting news from CES continues. 

Today Razer announced a tablet that is geared specifically to hard core gamers.

Deciding that gamers are now ready to take their console gaming experience on the go, Razer has developed the Edge, claiming it to be the most powerful tablet in the world, as well as a PC and console all in one.

The tablet will run Windows 8 as its operating system, and in a clever move by the company, they asked consumers what specs they would like to see in the new tablet. This means that the gamers that they are aiming to sell this tablet to, actually got a say in how the system should run.

The Edge will come with an Intel Core i5 processor, a top line NVIDIA graphics processor, and 65 GB of storage. If user want to, they can upgrade to the Edge pro tablet, they will get the more advanced Intel Core i7 processor and either 128 GB, or 256 GB hard drive.

Razer also understood that gamers want a bit more customizing ability to their gaming experience. For this reason, they have announced that there will also be accessories that will be available such as a keyboard and mouse that tablet can be docked into, making it more of a PC.

There are also docking stations, and plug ins that allow for users to connect different controllers, depending on the games that they wish to play.

All of this is geared to allow PC gamers to play any game they would normally play at home, on the go.

The down side?

The price.

So far Razer has only stated the price of the basic Edge at $999. This doesn’t include accessories, and there is no indication how much more the Edge pro will cost. The question then becomes, will those that are consider the “hard core” gamers decide that they need to take their games on the go so bad, that they will shell out over $1000 for a gaming device.

In my experience, the answer is almost always yes. If the system runs as well as Razer is claiming, this system could be an alternative to laptops for those that do large PC gaming parties.

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