Survivalist Bear Grylls has been putting Celebrities to the test in his latest show: Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

Next Up: Channing Tatum.

The Magic Mike star joins Grylls next Monday on the show.

The series depicts Grylls’ and a revolving cast of celebrities as they embark on a two day expedition over dangerous and challenging terrain.

Two episodes have aired so far, starring Zak Efron and Ben Stiller respectively.

The episodes saw the stars enduring physical challenges such as climbing, repelling and hiking.

Efron dangled above a ravine while trying to crawl across on a rope. If that wasn’t enough he also repelled down a waterfall to retrieve a dead animal. Grylls was looking for lunch.

Stiller rode on a helicopter…on the outside. He quipped while clinging to the chopper : “Now I know why I had to sign all those waivers.”

The celebrities faced mental challenges as well. They were tested with exhaustion and forced to eat the local cuisine, mostly bugs.

There were insightful moments as well. Grylls probed the actors about their lives and attempted to show them how the strength they use to succeed in life can translate to surviving in the wild.

The third episode starring Tatum airs next Monday on NBC.

Tatum hyped the episode with a tweet on Tuesday evening calling the experience, “unforgettable”.

He also included a preview of the episode, which can be viewed here:

Tune in next Monday to see how Channing Tatum handles the elements.

Who do you want to see going with Bear into the great outdoors? Let us know in the comments below.