Paris Airports Open (CDG, Orly) | Delta, AA, Air France, Air Canada – Updated

Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport remains open and flights are arriving and departing, according to a Twitter post by Delta Assist at approximately 6:30pm Eastern US time.

“So borders are closed but CDG is still open?” asked Twitter user John Boone.

@DeltaAssist replied “As of now the airport is still open.”

CDG has not made any official announcements on the status of flights, arriving or departing, though multiple major media news sites are reporting that the borders of France are being closed.

Paris Orly Airport is reported as being closed to arriving and departing flights by numerous sources at this time. (Orly now reported as open – please see updates below.)

In a bizarre but apparently unrelated coincidence, Orly was closed to flights hours before tonight’s Paris terrorist attacks due to a crash of their computer system, which relies on a very outdated version of Windows – 3.1.

Reports of multiple terrorist attacks in and around Paris, France, began this evening just after 5pm Eastern US time. The president of France, François Hollande, has declared a state of emergency.

— Updates —

– 6:50pm US/EST

From American Airlines, @AmericanAir  – “Currently CDG is open, however, we are holding our remaining departures this evening until we have additional information.” is reporting that Orly remains closed to flights.

– 7:30pm US/EST

FlyInsider, ‏@flyinsider – confirming that Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport remains open to arrivals and departures.

– 7:35pm US/EST

Skynews is reporting that the French Foreign Ministry says that airports are to remain open and flights and trains will continue as scheduled. However, all other reports continue to say that Orly is closed.

– 7:50pm US/EST

DutchFlyBird, @DutchFlyBird, has tweeted “flights starting to depart from CDG at high(er) rate now. Formal reconfirmation airports will remain/be open but with increased security”.

FlyInsider, ‏@flyinsider – confirming reports that Paris Orly Airport remains closed.

Fox News confirming that American Airlines has a hold on flights to CDG.

– 8pm US/EST

Delta Airlines, @DeltaAssist – says “We are closely monitoring the situation. As of now, operations are continuing as normal”

Air France, ‏@airfrance, Tweeted “we plan to operate your booked flts as schedule(d). You can check real time flt schedule at

– 8:30pm US/EST

British Airways, ‏@British_Airways, says “We plan to fly as scheduled. Any updates will be posted to .”

– 10:30pm US/EST

Air Canada, @AirCanada, has confirmed flights are operating as scheduled. They are also offering flight change waivers to those wanting to change their flight plans due to the Paris terrorism attacks.

– 1:20am US/EST (Nov 14, 2015)

Paris Orly Airport appears, by their schedule here:, to have reopened at 6:15am local time (GMT+1). Flights are listed as scheduled or enroute. CP has contacted the airport to confirm this but has not received a reply.

Paris Orly Airport confirmed open by Lars Wallrodt, @LarsWallrod, the chief football writer of Die Welt, who is in Paris and was at the stadium with the attacks occurred.

– 6:30am US/EST

Paris Orly Airport has contacted CP and confirmed they are open, though checkpoint delays are expected.

As the flight situation appears to be stable at this time, this will be the end of our live updating on this page.

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