Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen was transported to a hospital in New York early Tuesday due to an adverse allergic reaction to medication according to representative Stan Rosenfield.

The New York Police Department stated that an ’emotionally disturbed person’ was transported from the Plaza Hotel to the New York Downtown Hospital at 1:30 am.  They would only go so far as to identify the man as a 45 year old white male.

Rosenfield confirmed that Sheen had in fact had an allergic reaction and was taken to the hospital where he was expected to be released tomorrow.

Sheen has spent a month this year in a rehab center in Malibu, CA for an undisclosed treatment. The time he served at the center counted towards his mandated 30 day jail sentence in an Aspen, CO charge.  Sheen pled guilty in the case to reduce the charge from a felony domestic violence to a misdemeanor third degree assault.

The charge stems from a call Sheen’s wife made to police on Christmas Day where she said the actor had threatened her with a knife.

He is set to complete his three month probation in November.

Sheen recently signed a new contract to continue his CBS series Two and a Half Men.

(photo: wikipedia)