Cher On Dancing With The Stars | Rebroadcast Available Online

Cher On Dancing With The Stars | Rebroadcast Available Online

If you missed Cher on Dancing with the Stars tonight and want to see her, or if you loved the show and want to see it again – here’s some good news!

You can!

ABC has the special DWTS with Cher available on their site here.

Cher both performs and is a DWTS judge, filling in for Len Goodman.

The episode begins with a live performance with Cher belting out Do You Believe In Life After Love?

At 67, she sings, and looks, great. There was one wobble where she looked like she might fall over late in the song. Was she starting to dance or was that just a catch? Hard to tell, but it didn’t look like it was on purpose.

As a judge… eh, well, don’t expect a lot from Cher if you haven’t watched it yet. The running joke on Twitter was that the DWTS producers only gave her one paddle so she wouldn’t get confused. Eventually she proved that theory wrong.

What is impressive is the love, adoration and affection on display for Cher. From the live DWTS audience to the DWTS dancers, to the tweets on Twitter.

I truly expected to see a lot of derision when I logged on to Twitter to see what people were saying about her. But instead, I’d say 99% of the comments where like this:

From: JasonMiner28m – #CherOnDWTS is my favorite episode. Who doesn’t love @Cher

From: Rafa_Alonso29m – #CherOnDWTS @cher IS JUST AMAZING ON #DWTS

From: gprez012731m – How am I supposed to do homework when #CherOnDWTS is happening?

From: Ashlandian1h – Forget the dancers…can you imagine being that singer, having to belt out Cher songs with the goddess herself sitting nearby?

Now, there were some comments asking who her cosmetic surgeon is, and the aforementioned tweet about limiting her paddle choices, but even those were very tame.

Cher has, without a doubt, withstood the test of time. It’s a tribute to her resilence, to never giving up. She’s become an icon, and it’s well deserved.

What did you think of Cher tonight? Leave your comments below!

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