The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has filed an emergency motion in court asking a judge to close the remaining high-rise standing at Cabrini-Green.

Residents of the building were given 180 day notices in July that the building, set for demolition early next year, would be closing. More recently they were notified that the building would be closing sooner than expected and they must leave the premises. They were given alternate places to locate to.

When moving trucks showed up on Tuesday to help relocate the families, two refused to leave their homes. This spawned the court proceedings to force the families out of the building.

Many of the residents are not happy with their alternate relocation options. They say both choices have a higher crime rate than where they are currently living. Most residents of the building have lived there for a majority of their lives.

A hearing was set for Wednesday in a U.S. District Court to decide on the motion.