The stunning headlines this afternoon announced that “China Plants Flag On White House Lawn, Wins World War III Without Firing A Shot”.

The phrase “China Plants Flag” rocketed to number one on Google trends by late evening.

The story, however, is fiction. Written by “Ron Obvious”, it was posted on (a visit to the site this evening caused multiple frames and ads to appear, with flashing ‘Congratulations’ type ads included).

The story goes on to say:

 “Chinese President Hu Jintao walked victoriously out of the White House with a somber looking President Barrack Obama following behind him. As the two stood on the White House lawn, a Red Chinese soldier planted the flag of the Asian giant into the ground as Hu saluted.”

And then adds that Chinese President Hu then gave a speech saying that China had “foreclosed on the United States”, and referred to WalMart as one of the weapons that China used to capture the wealth of the US.

“Spooftimes News is work of fiction”, it says at the bottom of webpages. and its stories are displayed in the Google News listings with a ‘Satire’ tag next to the headline.