Chinese counterfeiters have released a physical version of Blizzard’s massively popular card collecting game (CCG), and they have managed to nail its convoluted mechanics down.

I ain’t even mad.

Knockoffs and bootlegged products are nothing new, but the sheer inventiveness of the team behind this particular knockoff is something that you’ve got to at least appreciate.

Copying the cards and then having them printed is a given, but it was creating a system to emulate Hearthstone’s convoluted number-crunching mechanics that really took the cake.

From switches that toggle the health and attack power of minions to tokens attached to cards to easily keep track of what effects are affecting a particular card, those familiar to Hearthstone’s gameplay will find a lot to like in the set.

Of course, switching from a digital platform means that you will have to arrange, adjust, organize and note down everything yourself.

This will significantly slow down the whole process and will make you realize just how convenient it is to have a computer do all the mundane tasks for you.

But still, the fact remains that the whole thing is counterfeit and completely illegal – at least until Blizzard realizes that die-hard Hearthstone fans waxing nostalgic for CCG cards of old will pay a lot for the ability to hold their cherished virtual collectibles with their own two hands.

Would you want Blizzard to release a hard-copy version of Hearthstone?

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